Get Involved!

The benefits and impact of getting involved at Saint Rose Parish can be seen and felt throughout the church and beyond. Being personally involved with a group who loves God and each other creates relationships that can last a lifetime. Please consider becoming a more specific part of Saint Rose Parish, and see what it can do for you.


Parish Ministries

  • CYO Athletics Volunteer
  • Music Ministry
  • RCIA Sponsor
  • Religious Education Catechist
  • Youth Ministry Volunteer
  • Pastoral or Finance Council
  • Social Justice

If you are interested in any of the above ministries, please follow the steps below so we may contact you about getting involved. Thank you!

Step 1:
* Important note:
The Diocese of Toledo requires that all volunteers at a Catholic church and/or Catholic school must review the Standards and Boundaries policy then sign an acknowledgment.  Please do this step first before you proceed to Step 2.

Click here to view our volunteer requirements and sign your acknowledgment

Step 2:

Fill out my online form.