Class Mass

*Due to the extenuating circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are no Class Masses scheduled for the time being.

Class Masses are organized to help promote fellowship among children of the same grade level and their families by inviting them to join together for Mass and then a short reception afterward. During the school year, each grade will have a designated day at a 10:00 a.m. Sunday Mass to pray and worship together followed by an opportunity to socialize at a reception in the Holy Family Center (church basement).

Two Parent Volunteers Needed for Each Class Mass

Two parents (one from Saint Rose School and one from PSR or Home School) are needed to help coordinate the short reception for each Class Mass. Please click here to volunteer for a Class Mass.

How to Participate in a Class Mass

All Saint Rose School families, Parish School of Religion families, and Home School families are invited. To help us reserve pews for all families attending a Class Mass and to prepare for the receptions, please RSVP your family using the schedule posted below.

Class Mass Schedule for 2019-2020

Grades 7 and 8:
Sunday, September 8, 10 am Mass
RSVP your group

6th Grade:
Sunday, October 13, 10 am Mass
RSVP your group

Sunday, November 10, 10 am Mass
RSVP your group

Sunday, December 8, 10 am Mass
RSVP your group

1st Grade:
Sunday, January 12, 10 am Mass
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2nd Grade:
Sunday, February 9, 10 am Mass
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3rd Grade:
Sunday, March 8, 10 am Mass
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Grades 4 and 5:
Sunday, April 19, 10 am Mass
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