Why Saint Rose?

At Saint Rose School, it is our mission to provide challenging academics in a safe and supportive environment. We take pride in the success of our students within and beyond our walls. While enrolled at Saint Rose, students are nurtured to be confident, life-long learners prepared for future academic endeavors and service.

Academic Achievement

Saint Rose School proudly celebrates Academics Anchored in Faith. Students can achieve academic success and can experience success at the high school level and beyond. Saint Rose alumni are regularly recognized as honor roll students, salutatorians, and valedictorians!

A Faith-Filled Education

A Catholic Education will provide the next generation with the foundation they will need for a successful future. It is our hope that our students will carry forward the values of service, solidarity, love, and faith that they have learned at Saint Rose School. These values, along with the academic skills they have learned, are essential for helping students reach their full potential. 

Recent Alumni Academic Success
Sean McConnachie 2020 Valedictorian - St. John's Jesuit HS
Sid Fernandes 2019 Valedictorian - St. Francis de Sales HS
Matthew Basista 2019 Top 2% - St. Francis de Sales HS
Erin Bollin 2019 Salutatorian - Notre Dame Academy
Eva Rando 2019 Top 2% Perrysburg High School
Joey Veltri 2018 Valedictorian - St. John's Jesuit HS
Joshua Szymanski 2017 Salutatorian - St. Francis de Sales HS
Jacob Cowan 2017 Valedictorian - St. John's Jesuit HS
Austin Retzloff 2017 Top 2% Perrysburg High School

We are thankful to have such a wonderful teacher who's love for her students shows day in and day out. We, as parents, are grateful for the fundamental skills she instills in preparing our children for the next step.

We appreciate all the staff at St. Rose for their hard work and dedication to the students especially in this trying year. Go Pirates!

Our child's teacher has fulfilled every expectation we could ask for. Whether it be the great communication, accessibility and interest to tap into our child’s optimal potential. We are very thankful to have her as a role model and influence on our daughters future.

Our family moved this summer from out of state and we were welcomed with open arms to the St. Rose community. The administration and teachers are dedicated educators who are also invested in the spiritual, emotional, social growth and well-being of our children . Everyday I drop my children off at St. Rose, I feel confident that they are in good hands! We are so thankful that the teachers and administration have worked tirelessly to keep the school open during these trying times. We cannot say enough good things about Saint Rose!

It’s pretty hard to choose just one teacher at St. Rose. It was our first year at St. Rose for two of our children. While our children were never away from mom or grandma, I dreaded this transition because I knew it was going to be hard for them and myself. Our children's teacher emailed me multiple days on how they were doing. I vividly remember not knowing how this would ever work as my daughter would cling to me everyday, sobbing. I trusted the faith of St.Rose and the teachers to embrace my daughter and help get us though this. My daughter is now loving school and I am so grateful of St. Rose and her teachers. I felt comfortable and confident in knowing how loved and cared for she is while at school. I am forever grateful for St. Rose and the preschool teachers for their patience, knowledge, and loving nature. My child is consoled by her teacher each day as if she were her own. I cannot say enough!!!!

Our son's teacher is so kind and he absolutely adores her. He looks forward to seeing her everyday. With a speech delay, I was extremely concerned how he was going to do in preschool. The teachers all worked and responded to my concerns and we have my son the help he needs. It was effortless on my behalf. While in quarantine with one child, our son's teacher said "tell him hello" as I dropped off my other child. As soon as I told him, he would light up in pure happiness! All the teachers wave goodbye to him and he absolutely loves preschool. This was the best transition I could have ever asked for!!!

We adore St. Rose so much; being members of the church would be such a blessing in our future.

During school shut downs last year, our Preschool Teacher was awesome! She prepared weekly packets for each student, and delivered them if necessary. She prepared videos and book readings. She made teaching our kids at home easy. She was also available to answer any question we had. We loooove her!!

As a grandparent of a student at St Rose, I cannot say enough about the strides my granddaughter has made, especially this school year. What your school represents spiritually, academically, socially, etc exceeds what any grandparent would love for their grandchildren. Keep up the great job because it certainly is not going unnoticed.
God Bless You All.

Saint Rose
A Catholic School building a strong foundation
of Faith and Learning for Life